An Interlude

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I started collecting notes here almost 3 years ago at my first PyCon. I had been working in Python for 3 years at that point and wanted to share some notes with anybody that might find them useful.

Since then I've veered into building a homelab, C#, rust, infrastructure, gardening and all kinds of other fun experiences.

More importantly my daughter was born, and is turning 3 this year. Over 2020 I became more and more aware of what I spent time on, and started to evaluate if I wanted to keep spending time on these activities. Many things have fallen to the cutting room floor, and writing up a post each month is one of those. I still do a lot of writing for work, and maybe if something from there manifest itself as a good topic I'll share it, but I am not going to make myself sit down each month as I have in the past.

I do plan to have short journal snippets I capture each day that I will link to here eventually. Many of them will be software related as that's what I spend so much time on each day, but all of them won't be.

So yeah, hopefully the notes here have helped somebody. They will stay up, but I need to give myself permission to let this sit while I spend time elsewhere, maybe to return one day :)

As always if you read something interesting, or find a code snippet that could use expounding send me a message.

Till the next post surfaces 👋