Hackaday Connected World Follow Up

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Recently Hackaday announced the results of the Connected World contest. It made my day when I read Sophi's email telling me that ConnectedRoomba was one of the OSHPark certificate recipients. What may have seemed like a small announcement meant a lot to me. I'm still fairly new to this area of computing, and without formal training. Instead I spend a lot of time reading, listening and building to learn everything I can. Validation and success no matter how big or small help us all stay motivated to continue in our pursuits. Thank you to everybody at Hackaday for setting up a community and contest for us all to continue learning, sharing and hacking together.

Whats next

Everybody starts somewhere and the contest pushed me to get started on my first homebrew project. As part of this I found a lot of new areas to study up on. I've enrolled in the edX Embedded Systems course. If you're taking that too reach out as I'd love to have a group to work with. Additionally I want to migrate the ngrok setup in my project to a route on my own domain, understand secure LoRa transmission and expand my electronics knowledge.

On the board front I found this interesting Feather PCB from @tannewt while debating what to do with the OSHPark certificate. I recently backed the FOMU and learned of FuPy so this seems like an interesting PCB to pick up, order some components and start learning electronics at a whole new level.

Congrats to everybody that participated in the Connected World contest. Have fun hacking on whatever comes next! Thank you Hackaday, DigiKey and OSHPark for kick starting this new learning path :).


If you want to chat feel free to follow up via email or on Sourcehut.