Train All the Things - Signaling

After figuring out what I was going to use for my project I started work with things I know. I already had some experience with Cloudflare workers building a home system status page, and Workers K/V makes storing and fetching data quick and easy. I ended up with a simple endpoint that I POST to set a bit after keyword detection, and the PyPortal retrieves that status to determine what to display:

const setCache = (key, data) => SIGNALS.put(key, data);
const getCache = key => SIGNALS.get(key);

async function getStatus(cacheKey) {
    var serviceStat = await getCache(cacheKey);

    if (!serviceStat) {
        return new Response('invalid status key', { status: 500 });
    } else {
        return new Response(serviceStat, {status: 200});

async function setStatus(cacheKey, cacheValue) {
    try {
        await setCache(cacheKey, cacheValue);
        return new Response((cacheKey + " set to " + cacheValue + "\n"), { status: 200 });
    } catch (err) {
        return new Response(err, { status: 500 });

async function handleRequest(request) {
    var psk = await getCache("PSK")
    let presharedKey = new URL(request.url).searchParams.get('psk');
    let statusKey = new URL(request.url).searchParams.get('service');
    let statusValue = new URL(request.url).searchParams.get('status');

    if (presharedKey === psk) {
        if (request.method === 'POST') {
            return setStatus(statusKey, statusValue);
        } else if (request.method === 'GET' && statusKey) {
            return getStatus(statusKey);
        } else {
            return new Response("\n", { status: 418 });
    } else {
        return new Response("Hello")

addEventListener('fetch', event => {

Nothing tricky happening above, just checking the request, and calling the appropriate function to store or fetch the status bit. With the function deployed to my Cloudflare Worker and verified with some GET and POST calls I was ready to move on to the display.

The code, docs, images etc for the project can be found here and I'll be posting updates as I continue along to HackadayIO and this blog. If you have any questions or ideas reach out.