Vim and Rust in 2019

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I've been using Vim as my primary editor for a few months now. Recently I wanted to revisit some project work in Rust, but I hadn't setup any tooling in Vim for rust yet. The first couple of hits I got on Google were great resources that I'll provide links to, but they were also over a year old, so while using them as a starting point I'm documenting my setup since some things have changed from 2017.


Core Installs:


Language Server Protocol

So far this has been a fairly pain free experience. As I use this (and vim) more I will likely add some updates related to packaging, compiling and debugging in Vim, but for now these are the tools that got me started. One thing to note is that I recommend installing in the order above and following the install directions (especially for the lsp) since those appear to have made some QoL changes in the last year.

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