Roll your own git hook

As part of setting up tools to run in our CI pipeline I also setup a git pre-pushhook to run the same tools automatically in the local context. Git provides a variety of hooks as documented in the scm book, and they can be used to reliably automate different parts of your workflow.

Getting started with Resharper Global Tools

For a while now I’ve been interested in build tools, CI and code quality. I think I got a taste for it as a member of the PyMSSQL project and it has continued on from there. Recently I worked on the initial CI setup for a C# project. As part of the setup I took the time to look at what lint and analysis tools we wanted to integrate into our project.

GroupBy Fun with SQL and Python

A few months ago I had the opportunity to collaborate with some Data Scientist porting PySpark queries to raw Python. One of the primary areas of concern was aggregation statements. These were seen as functionality that would be particularly troublesome to write in Python. As an example I was provided a Spark SQL query similar to this:

Train All the Things — Wrapping Up

And now I’m at v0.1 of the on-air project. I was able to achieve what I was hoping to along the way. I learned more about model development, tensorflow and esp. While this version has some distinct differences from what I outlined for the logic flow (keywords, VAD) it achieves the functional goal. The code, docs, images etc for the project can be found in this repo, and the project details live on HackadayIO. When I get back to this project and work on v1.x I’ll make updates available to each.

Train All the Things — Speed Bumps

As part of getting started on my project a couple months back I took a look at what boards were supported byTensorflow lite . Seeing an esp board I went that route since I’ve heard alot from the maker/hacker community and thought it would be a good opportunity to learn more. Additionally it’s been quite a while since I had a project that was primarily C/C++ so that was exciting. Like any good project I ran into multiple unexpected bumps, bugs and issues. Some were minor, others were frustrating. I’m capturing some of those here for anybody else that may be starting down the path of using Tensorflow Lite and an ESP32 board.