More Interactions of Interest

Following up on Interaction of Interest here are a few more things I’ve messed with in the last couple of months that I found to be pretty neat.

Interface Discovery

I spend a lot of my days building new tools that individuals use to power their day to day work. Because of this I always keep an eye out for behavior in the apps that I use which inspire me to consider how my apps work. One of the things that has stood out to me over the last year is how some apps introduce let you discover functionality.

Pokemon Legends Arceus: Exploring Hisui with my daughter

A couple of months ago I had a pile of games built up that were ready to trade in. When I took them to the shop I saw a new Pokemon game was out, and my daughter is now at the age were some games are becoming fun for her to play. Reading up on the open world nature of Arceus I thought it might be something fun for us to enjoy together. What I didn’t know was just how much fun we would end up having.

Tailored Experiences

A couple of months ago I got to spend a few days hacking on an idea involving client side Tensorflow.js. Having spent much of my career in what I call ML adjacent roles I was really surprised at the opportunities TF.js seem to open up.

Interactions of Interest

Over at Hackaday there is an ongoing series of articles called Inputs of Interest. Last year I wrote my a post Novel Interactions that will end up being the first in an ongoing collection of articles called Interactions of Interest. I personally enjoy building and interacting with new experiences. For those that catch my interest and stay in my memory I’m going to collect and share them.