Cleaning Airflow Logs

At home and work I make use of Airflow to automate various batch/time based task. I’ve even setup a container based Airflow environment to make it easy to bring this up and down.

EdgeRouter X PiHole Setup

I’ve seen a few post from people asking for help adding a PiHole to their network with an EdgeRouter. One solution I’ve seen is to use brittanics black-list. This is nice for those wanting to run software on their router, but I didn’t want the load, and I want the functionality that the PiHole provides. Hopefully this guide help those looking to add a PiHole in the future.

EdgeRouter X Home VPN Setup Pt 2

I am not a network or sysadmin by day. This is something I’m actively learning on and figuring out. If you see something wrong or have suggestions I would love to ****hear about it**.**

EdgeRouter X Home VPN Setup Pt 1

Recently I got the itch to setup a VPN for my home network to access my device lab on the go, or share with others. My home setup isn’t too complicated, but it’s a bit different from other setups I found when I started down this path.

EdgeRouter X DDNS with Gandi

I recently setup a VPN for my home network. To make use of it from remote networks I need to be able to resolve the public IP of my router. Instead of hard coding the IP I setup an domain with Gandi and created an A Record that I update from my router.