Alexander Hagerman

Portfolios: burningdaylight | github

I am a software engineer with over a decade of experience. In that time I have worked across a variety of domains, stacks and teams building frontend web and mobile interfaces, distributed backend services while managing legacy systems. I enjoy working in environments that require continuous learning and collaboration to solve challenging problems. These days I prefer working on tools that empower individuals to create.

Professional Experience

  1. Lead ML Tooling Engineer

    06/2021 - Current | Flock Safety

    • Design and implement audio, object tracking and device health annotation tools.
    • Responsible for identifying candidates to grow the team, onboarding and training new engineers, and managing the team's technical roadmap.
    • Lead the designed and implementation of image annotation tools.
    • Set up and maintain frontend build and testing tools.
    • Designed and implemented a data versioning tool to support annotation lineage and management.
    • Lead the design and implementation of an annotation campaign process to streamline the collection and validation of data across tools.
    • Responsible for supporting and securing data interfaces allowing service to service, frontend and other ad hoc integrations.
    • Mentor other engineers and collaborate across teams for new product features.
  2. Senior Software Engineer

    02/2021 - 05/2021 | RENCI

    • Worked to develop the HeLx Platform to support NIH HEAL research.
    • Refactor HeLx platform Django application to surface data via REST endpoints.
    • Collaborated on a new react based frontend for the HeLx Appstore.
    • Instrument Kubernetes pod utilization and surface data through service endpoints.
    • Refactor application packaging and update continuous integration practices.
  3. Lead Software Engineer

    06/2020 - 02/2021 | Samtec

    • Lead/manage the development of new asset management system to synchronize asset data and streamline existing assets.
    • Created an improved asset maintenance system to support global operations.
    • Collaborate with engineers and internal stakeholders to execute feature implementations and process improvement.
    • Provide key insights for organizational planning on data management and optimization.
    • Mentor, coach, and train engineers in new practices/tools/technology.
    • Develop and oversee continuous integration and deployment infrastructure to increase overall productivity.
  4. Senior Software Engineer

    08/2019 - 06/2020; 07-2015 - 03/2019 | Humana

    • Spearheaded the creation of a provider fax routing system by building out OCR as a service for patient record documents.
    • Facilitated the implementation of middleware layer/rule management for company Sytrue initiatives.
    • Setup, deployed, and managed first real time NLP services on Azure to strengthen job progression and computer capabilities.
    • Collaborated on breast cancer research project by utilizing NLP to research stage information based on diagnosis markers.
    • Increased Doctor Patient Note OCR post processing data throughput by migrating localized python services to pyspark.
    • Monitored potential fraud rule detection by processing provider documentation a set of NLP rules.
    • Built/managed a library of queries and reports to assist fraud investigators.
    • Assisted NLP development team in the transition to Agile methodologies through change management and team leadership skills.
    • Foster continuous process improvement by implementing Azure identity service (MSAL/AAD) into C# and Python services.
    • Develop prem to Azure Databricks deployment service, ADLS Generation 2 C# library, and CLI.
    • Served as architect and senior developer of the Retail Data Science Research and Development platform.
    • Introduced and streamlined multiple software development practices like version control, continuous integration/deployment, code review, and dependency management.
  5. Senior Software Engineer

    04/2019 - 08/2019 | Elastic

    • Worked across teams to develop an end-to-end testing framework for the customer journey through GCP marketplace to Elastic.
    • Migration of backend services from Python 2 to Python 3.7.
    • Expanded automated testing practices for Python 2 and 3 code bases.
    • Built a tool that enabled data migration from Elasticsearch to Postgres.
    • Delivered troubleshooting and production incident response for billing services and clusters.
  6. Senior Analytic Consultant | Analytic Consultant | Developer

    01/2012 - 07/2015 | Aspect

    • Built out Microsoft SSIS/SSAS analytics infrastructure to support customer service call center operations for PetSafe, Delta, and Jet Blue.
    • Created enhanced web-based data visualizations to facilitate cross-functional application development teams on healthcare projects.
    • Delivered on-site consulting and guidance to clients by evaluating call center analytic needs.
    • Developed new productivity KPIs for call center clients via Microsoft BI stack to transform overall day-to-day operations and facilitate process improvement.
    • Headed client training programs on business intelligence tools/concepts to assist in future BI projects and process improvement identification.
    • Served as developer on SharePoint 2013 C# Applications, C# MVP Applications, and custom C# CLI applications to handle token management.
  7. Junior Developer

    03/2012 - 11/2012 | All Safe Industries

    • Built a product catalog ETL to consolidate product data into a single CMS.
    • Analyzed historical sales trends to improve decision making for web store strategies.
  8. Intern

    01/2011 - 05/2011 | Owensboro Catholic High School

    • Developed VB6 scripts for printer fleet management by scripting out the install/management for printers across all computer labs.
    • Administered active directory group policy/deployment by developing policies and implementing across all school groups.


08/2011 | Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Technologies | Western Kentucky University


  • The Technology of Music Production (Coursera, January 2021)
  • Developing your Musicianship (Coursera, December 2020)
  • CSS for JavaScript Developers (Workshop, October 2020)
  • UT.6.10x: Embedded Systems - Shape the World: Microcontroller Input/Output (edX, November 2019)
  • Triplebyte Certified Generalist Software Engineer (Triplebyte August 2019)
  • Data Visualization ( April 2016)
  • Data Analysis with Pandas: Intermediate Course ( September 2015)
  • MCSD: Web Applications (Microsoft, June 2014)
  • Developing Microsoft Azure and Web Services (Microsoft, June 2014)
  • Developing ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Applications (Microsoft, February 2013)
  • Programming in HTML5, CSS#, JavaScript 70-480 (Microsoft, January 2013)


  • Hackaday Connected World Contest Award - Connected Roomba
  • 2018 Humana Star Award - Data Engineering

Technical Skills & Competencies

Python, C#, TypeScript, Rust, C++, .NET Core, Django, React, Bash, SQL
Postgres, SQL Server, SQLite, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Redis, Netezza, CosmosDB
SQS, PubSub, Azure Queues, Kafka, RabbitMQ
HDFS, Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2, S3
AWS, Azure, GCP
Azure Pipelines, Azure DevOps, Circle CI, GitHub Actions, Jenkins
Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, Fargate, Terraform
Software Architecture, Software Testing, Pair Programming, CI/CD
Mentoring, Leadership, Team Building


Volunteer & Open-Source Experience

  • aioodbc - configuration tuning documentation
  • Annotorious - docs and gitter chat help
  • Apache Arrow - and API documentation updates, Subpool implementation, and add has capabilities for scalar values in Python
  • Code Louisville - taught a range of topics including Python, debugging, databases, and Django
  • Firefox Mobile - bug fix for incorrect axis locking
  • PyMSSQL - mentor contributors, updated CI and platform builds, release manager for 2.1.4
  • wavesurfer.js - region plugin update for event broadcasting